International Friendship Blanket

I joined the ‘International Friendship Blanket’ group from The Netherlands .  I had never made a single Square before I found Facebook post about the ‘swap’,  but I joined without  thinking. I guess I like challenges!

These are my first ‘grannies’, as I use to call them before I found out that all squares  were not Granny Squares, but ‘Motifs’  or Squares with names given by designers.

I had to do serious search until I found patterns that make exact 10x10cm and 15x15cm squares,  with the cotton I thought would make nice ‘Grannies’.

I am well proud!
I am well proud!

The ladies from my group don’t know me 🙂 so I can post few pictures, and still keep my ‘Grannies’ secret from them.

Here are some of the squares

Lovely in cotton
red & white

Of course I picked up some orange yarn!


And finally  my favourite, snowflake square  ♥


I hope my new friends will like the squares I made – I enjoyed every stitch!



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